Storage facilities

The Fengrain 100,000 tonne grain storage facility is registered under the Trade Assured Scheme for Combinable Crops and provides a low cost and efficient storage solution. Backed up by sophisticated grain sampling and stock management system the facility is capable of efficiently storing, drying and processing all types of combinable crops.

Storage options are flexible and offer good value for money. Members are invited to purchase storage rights according to individual needs. You may purchase enough space to store an entire harvest or simply to compliment your own farm storage capacity. Importantly annual maintenance fees are only payable based on the space used and Fengrain endeavours to fill any uncommitted space to reduce overall costs.

To help maximise returns through our marketing partner Frontier, there are numerous options to market your grain from the store, including Fengrain's Pools, Fenpro style contracts, or a forward/ spot sale. Finance can be provided on all grain in store. You get instant sample results and will be paid on the actual quality delivered to the store.

Crops are managed by Fengrain's team of experts. From testing the specification of inbound and outbound commodities to providing bespoke products and blends, our aim is to help you achieve the maximum value for your crops, and ensure our customers receive the specification they require.

Terms and conditions are available in MyFengrain.

Fengrain Aerial View
  • Value for money storage.
  • Solution for all combinable crops.
  • Managed by experts to add maximum value and reduce costs.
  • Low drying and processing charges.
  • Drying and replacement service.
  • Haulage subsidy to reduce transport costs



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