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Fengrain have chosen a small group of seed breeders and producers in whom we have complete confidence to supply the finest quality seed alongwith an unparalleled service.

We pride ourselves on our close working relationships with millers both in the UK and overseas in order to keep ahead of their requirements and consumer trends. This knowledge is essential for us to help focus and shape the breeders forward programmes.

Fengrain as a result can offer a comprehensive range of combinable accredited seeds alongwith very competitive, robust buy-backs with longevity for many milling grades.

EU greening issues have focused minds on cropping plans and seed orders have been delayed but early ordering is always recommended as the promising new varieties are taken early.

Prices will be competitive and you can choose the option of fixing a price at the time or on delivery. Payment can be contra'd from future payments due from Fengrain.

Fengrain can also offer the complete range of seed for energy crops including maize, rye and sugar beet alongwith excellent buy-back options for whole crop.

Please call your Fengrain farm representative for more information.

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