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Storage Intake Deliveries

Dear Storage Member

It is now 3 months since our first new crop delivery and we at Fengrain are pleased that we have managed such a diverse harvest of quality, specification and moisture.

We recognise that every season has its challenges and this year has been no exception, especially given the operational changes brought about by our new relationship with Frontier. We want to thank them for the support they have given us and our members.

We would also like to thank all our members for their support and understanding and I am sure you would want me to pass on your thanks to the Fengrain team and students too. 

We are keen to ensure that all members have finished their deliveries and we would like you to contact the office with any further requirements. All intake must be booked in prior to delivery and we are now only intaking on a Tuesday.

The store is underway with its post harvest drying and cleaning plans which will continue right up till January and because of this any intake to come may have a delay of up to two weeks, please bear this in mind if you have intake still to come in.

In the meantime thank you once again and please contact the office to advise us of outstanding intake still to come




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