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Spring is coming or is it?

As we approach the end of March, there are still a fair number of acres of Spring Barley waiting to be planted. Things have progressed on the lighter soils, but the weather has kept defeating us on the heavier land.

This perhaps suggests a more bearish stance towards feed barley, but is, perhaps, more conducive to premiums.

Maltsters’ stocks will be on the low side, and the Scots cannot afford another bad harvest. (Possibly an export opportunity, unless by then they have introduced import tariffs!!!)

However, on the export front, we have lost one major European importer of malting barley, who has ceased trading.

There is little doubt that we could have a big crop this year, but, with what is, effectively, a later spring, quality may be more variable. Maltsters may bide their time, to assess the crop before plunging in too deeply, so those such as ourselves with good barley storage should be at an advantage. Immediate demand at harvest time could be slow, except into store, which makes us very glad that we built the facilities at Gt Ryburgh last year!

Dont forget that you can still enter Spring Barley in our harvest movement pool - deadline is 1st April 

Bill Longford



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