Introducing Fengrain

You do not have to be a member to work with Fengrain. We offer excellent grain marketing and storage facilities for all "farm assured" growers in Eastern England.

Fengrain is a dynamically operated Farmer Owned Co-operative. We work for and on behalf of our growers to help them maximise their returns whilst at the same time ensuring our customers receive excellent service and technically assured quality grain. There is a one off cost of membership is £10 which if you trade grain with us gives you a voting share. However you do not have to be a member to work with Fengrain and we offer excellent grain marketing and storage facilities for all "farm assured" growers in Eastern England.

London Wheat (£)03 Mar 17:18Mar '15116.95s May '15119.00+0.55Jul '15119.95s Nov '15126.00 Jan '16128.80s Mar '16130.10s May '16133.10s Jul '16134.25s Nov '16135.40s 
Paris OSR03 Mar 17:18May '15365.50+0.25Aug '15358.00-0.50Nov '15359.50-1.00Feb '16360.50-0.50May '16359.75+1.25Aug '16353.75 Nov '16354.00 Feb '17354.25 May '17352.75 
Paris Wheat03 Mar 17:18Mar '15184.75 May '15186.25+0.75Sep '15184.25+0.25Dec '15185.25 Mar '16186.75-0.25May '16188.00-0.25Sep '16190.00 Dec '16190.00 Mar '17188.00 
Chicago Wheat03 Mar 18:30 Mar '15504'4-3'4 May '15502'62'6 Jul '15506'62'6 Sep '15514'62'4 Dec '15529'43'0 Mar '16534'2-3'0 May '16544'21'2 Jul '16541'0-1'0 Sep '16548'4 
Chicago Soy Beans03 Mar 18:30 Mar '151001'0-10'2 May '151004'6-9'0 Jul '151009'4-8'2 Aug '151008'0-7'2 Sep '15991'6-6'4 Nov '15980'0-5'2 Jan '16984'2-5'2 Mar '16987'4-5'0 May '16991'0-4'2

Working with Fengrain:

100% quality & service

"The team here at Fengrain are dedicated to giving the best service possible to our members and customers alike.
We are always professional working in a friendly manner to understand and meet individual needs "

Rob Munro - Managing Director

Rob Munro

Working with Fengrain:

Efficient and fair

"I have been working with Fengrain for many years. They are always efficient and fair with above average pool results."

Adrian Kew - Waldersey Farms

Adrian Kew

Working with Fengrain:

Hardworking to meet our demands

"We have a long term relationship with Fengrain that has been tried and tested over the years. They are a strategic supplier to Whitworths and work hard to meet our demanding standards of technical assurance quality and delivery."

Raich Growdridge - Commercial Director Whitworths

Whitworth Bros. Ltd Flour Millers

Working with Fengrain:

Efficient Service

Fengrain always provide efficient service with prompt harvest movement."

Robert Bateman - Bateman Farms Wisbech - a Fengrain Storage Owner.

Robert Bateman

Working with Fengrain:

A long term trading relationship

We are very pleased to have developed a long term trading relationship with Fengrain that stretches back decades. As a sizable consumer of UK grains, it is imperative that our suppliers perform to expectation in both commercial and logistical requirements; in Fengrain we have found such a supplier."

George Mason - Heygates.


Working with Fengrain:

Very focused on quality and service

"Fengrain have been a long standing supplier to Rank Hovis and we have enjoyed a good working relationship over the years, we hope that this continues way into the future. They are innovative, very customer orientated and are very focused on quality and service. Their staff are very friendly, reliable and come across as very enthusiastic"

Peter Jones - Hovis Ltd.

Hovis Ltd



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